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  • Affiliate Disclosure

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires the disclosure of any
    relationship that exists between one who endorses a product and the
    manufacturer or service provider of the product when writing a review
    about the product or service. Following are the guidelines that
    HilaryGreenleaf.com adheres to:

    * We at HilaryGreenleaf.com are not paid to do reviews on any products
    contained within this website.
    If there are links to a product in any of the reviews, a commission
    may be paid to us if you purchase the product.

    * We will never write a review on a manufacturer’s product, nor will
    we promote a product, if we believe the product will not be beneficial
    to you.

    * Any commissions received as a result of HilaryGreenleaf.com
    promotional efforts will not impact opinions on a product. If, through
    research and/or use of a product proves to be a benefit to the
    end-user, we will promote it. If not, we do not offer it.

    * The Federal Trade Commission considers it important for the consumer
    to understand the relationship between the product reviewer and the
    manufacturer of the product and, hence, has made this disclosure
    statement a requirement by law.

    * Therefore, if you do not see a disclosure policy as part of a review
    of a product, the one who is reviewing the product may be in violation
    of the law.

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