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    Hilary Greenleaf is an author, educator, and nutritionist. She is the leading authority on organic foods and is considered America’s #1 Organic Expert. Her work has helped her audience improve its health and find new energy in life. She has worked as a personal trainer, a nutrition consultant, and a writing teacher. She has published four books, and has been sent on travel writing assignments around the world. She currently resides in California with her loving husband and their two children.

    Hilary’s books include:

    The New Green Smoothie Diet: Going Green Never Tasted so Good talks about the benefits of green smoothies and gives recipes and tips on making them. It goes over detoxifying the body, how to achieve increased energy levels, and how to incorporate green smoothies into a weight loss plan.

    Superfoods for Women Only: 20 Vital Foods for Soft Hair, Clear Skin, and Feeling Younger goes over 20 different foods that have substantial health benefits.  The book describes the scientific benefits of the foods, gives tips for how to eat them, and also provides recipes for preparing the foods.

    Squeeze It: The Juicy Way to Detox and Look Younger discusses the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  These beverages can improve one’s life by enhancing health and improving resistance to various diseases, and serve as a supplement to a healthy diet, or in some regimens, as the sole source of nutrition.  The book also talks about other related matters, such as keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for optimum nutrition and other ways of getting the best results from juicing.

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